Souroti and Health

SOUROTI – A natural health shield

The water springs directly from under the ground and it contains approximately 1000 mg/l of dissolved salts and minerals making it one of the richest mineral waters in the world.

Indeed, it is rich in beneficial minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and in bicarbonates.

Let us see how these necessary nutrients help our body:

CALCIUM: It helps develop and maintain strong and healthy bones and teeth. It protects against osteoporosis and high blood pressure.

MAGNESIUM: Together with calcium, it ensures the good health and function of bones, teeth, nerves, muscles and the heart. It prevents blood clotting and protects against arterial thromboses and heart attacks. It contributes to preventing stress and to defending the body against diseases.

POTASSIUM: Potassium, as well as sodium, helps maintaining the electrolyte balance in body fluids and in blood and regulates the quantity of water inside and outside cells. It is necessary for the smooth function of the nervous and muscular systems and it helps with the function of the heart. It protects against high blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmia and it also plays a part in digestion, being a component of the digestive fluids in the stomach. It plays an important role in the smooth function of muscles and the heart, in blood coagulation and in maintaining the cell membranes.

BICARBONATES: They help regulate acidity in the stomach and they play an essential role in digestion and in the smooth function of the digestive system in general.

SOUROTI has one of the highest and most beneficial mineral contents making it one of the richest mineral waters in the WORLD. Enjoy!