Products & Safety


SOUROTI S.A.’s guiding principle is to produce high quality products and to ensure the protection of consumer's health.

Product quality and safety is the main responsibility of the Company's Senior Management and it is a result of good cooperation and team spirit among the entire staff.

SOUROTI S.A.’s Senior Management is committed:
  • to comply with all current legal and regulatory requirements;
  • to respect customers and consumers and to respond to their needs and requirements in the best manner possible;
  • to identify, assess and control any risk relating to the safety of the products it produces and markets;
  • to ensure that it is constantly updated about new scientific data with respect to risks arising from foodstuff.

The above commitments shall be achieved by:
  • adopting and implementing management systems in accordance with the ELOT ΕΝ ISO 9001 and ELOT ΕΝ ISO 22000 standards;
  • establishing targets for the quality and safety of products, and periodically reviewing such targets in order to ensure compliance with the current policy as well as constant improvement;
  • allocating all necessary resources for infrastructure, work environment and human capital;
  • determining the necessary organisational structure and the required tasks and responsibilities;
  • recognising the need for continuous training for the staff and providing the required training;
  • ensuring effective internal and external communication;
  • communicating this policy to all organisational levels in the Company.

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