In SOUROTI S.A. we always look ahead… vigorously and optimistically!

With 90 years of non-stop presence in the Greek market of Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, Souroti is carving a growth course firmly oriented towards profitability.

Having established a leading position in the Greek market, we believe that Reliability and Trust are the terms that characterize the philosophy of Souroti S.A. since 1916.

By providing an original Greek, high quality product, at an attractive price and with powerful branding -combined with excellent services- SOUROTI S.A. stands out dynamically and dominates in every step it takes.

Each and every day Souroti S.A. provides top quality, reliable services to its customers combining Quality with Consistency in order to remain in touch with the needs of contemporary consumers.

Within this framework, the company has created its own sales force so as to be able to serve customers better, come into direct contact and communicate more effectively with them, resolve any problems which may arise faster, offer better organized, more effective services and penetrate the markets of Greece and abroad in a controlled, efficient manner.

Our policy of providing quality services has already generated remarkable results in terms of company sales coupled, of course, with the incomparable quality of our water.

Today, as an enterprise with new products, four fully-functioning production lines, new high-tech machinery, new building facilities, a branch in Athens covering Southern Greece, highly trained staff and management team, we are opening up new paths in both Greece and abroad.

Today, our vision is primarily focused on implementing quality policy in relation to our products, on establishing our position in emerging markets and penetrating into new markets, with the unquenchable thirst to remain at the top of the Greek market of Sparkling Natural Mineral Water.