Financial results

Outstanding company growth and exports

Carefully implementing its long-term development plan, Souroti S.A. managed within a few years to climb to the highest rung in the ladder of consumer preferences, and today holds the largest market share compared to all sparkling mineral water companies.

This impressive market presence and its sales results from 1998-2005 onwards, demonstrate the company's excellent performance and its dynamic potential to achieve the extremely demanding targets it sets for itself every time.

Our sales force is now better organized, providing more rapid customer service and penetrating more effectively into markets, with the result that within a few years the company has managed to achieve top position in the sparkling water sector with a market share in excess of 46%.

At the same time, the company is developing dynamically in new markets worldwide such as the Middle East, Australia, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden and Cyprus.


AMOUNTS in million Euros
  2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
Turnover 15,58 15,79 15,87 16,18 15,93
Net Profit 0,37 0,61 0,18 0,76 0,50
Gross Profit 6,33 6,94 6,81 7,10 6,84
Earnings before interest and exceptional items 1,63 1,65 1,12 1,12 0,763
Equity 13,39 13,35 13,39 13,59 13,47